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Riverview Campaign


Riverview Intermediate School Campaign

The Sartell-St. Stephen Education Foundation is excited to announce that our community has successfully fully funded the Riverview Intermediate initiative along with maximizing the $100,000 generous match provided by Pat Lynch and Granite Logistics!  Our community rose to the challenge which supports not only the Riverview initiative, but provides timely and much needed staff-initiated grants to support our students and families.  

The Riverview project inspires creativity, 21st century skill development and high levels of learning through engagement and hands-on experiences.  The intermediate school leadership team, composed of teachers and administrators, have researched best practices in meeting young adolescents' specific needs.  They had an exciting vision for the repurposed areas that were specifically designed with these students in mind.

The building grade configurations in the school district changed to align learning spaces and student needs to deliver the best programming possible. The old Sartell Middle School, which housed 5th through 8th graders, shifted to serve 3rd through 5th grade students as the new Riverview Intermediate School. 

Leading-Edge Experiences

STEAM Lab and Outdoor Classroom


We believe that in order to provide leading-edge experiences, education needs to keep up with current trends, practices and tools because let’s face it, an Etch-a-Sketch was cool back in the day and still has some uses, but in today’s world, we need to provide our kids with access to robots, coding and hands-on engineering experiences that are preparing them for life in the 21st Century.


Students that have the opportunity to tinker with an engineering kit, experience programming and flying a drone, interact with educational touch panels or observe as plants literally grow in front of their eyes, will be more engaged, more excited and more ready to problem-solve and think critically when their passion is ignited.

Flexible Activity Space.JPG

Leading-Edge Environments

Flexible Activity Space

We know how active 8-11 year olds are and we want to celebrate and capture that energy in ways that can propel them to learn in new ways, promote healthy lifestyles, engage in teamwork and community-building, and simply provide an outlet to get the wiggles out and play.


Promoting physical experiences for students such as scaling climbing walls, using yoga mats, interacting with a MotionMagix screen and participating in games that will engage their minds and bodies in a safe, positive and fun environment. We are looking to support a newly-purposed flexible space with equipment that is designed with the intermediate child in mind.

Leading-Edge Education

Multi Media Library Space

Leading-edge education is what we are all about.  The media center is a major hub that promotes a traditional and enhanced space for academic learning and exploration where students feel welcomed to find a good book, research a concept, create and make, or simply be part of an environment that is designed for collaboration.


Flexible seating, media displays, makerspace and age-appropriate shelving for books will transform how students use this educational space and provide an environment that students want to return to over and over again making the media center the heart of the school.

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